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Pre-millennium Dispensationalism - is it Christian?

Let's find out.

First we need to define what Christian is. According the the teaching of Holy Scripture, the written word of God - which has been written by holy men of God who where inspired by the Holy Spirit of God - to be Christian it must have its origin in Jesus the Christ. No true Christian would disagree with this definition. Origin defines authenticity and authority. This then is the question: "does Pre-millennium Dispensationalism have its origin in Christ?"

Of course the simply answer would be, "no, it does not," and for many a Christian that is the end of the matter. However, for someone who believes that it does originate in Christ, and, therefore, should be classified as Christian, we would need to prove to that person that it does not before he/she would be convinced that it does not.

This is no easy task, for much of the beliefs of Dispensationalism appear on the surface to be Christian, and for Dispensationalists this causes them some considerable difficulty. But consider this, how much error is required for a belief system to be erroneous? The smallest amount of error is error - it is never truth.

Is Pre-millennium Dispensationalism found in the teachings of Jesus or His Apostles? No, it is not found anywhere in the teachings of Jesus and His Apostles. That being so then Pre-millennium Dispensationalism is not Christian.

So where does Pre-millennium Dispensationalism originate? Please go >> here to find out.



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